Portsmouth Center for Yoga and the Arts GENTLE YOGA
Madeline Gielow
Portsmouth Center for Yoga/Arts (location map)
Thursday, 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
09/12/19 (1 week)

2nd Thursday of each month

6 – 7:15pm 

Portsmouth Center for Yoga and the Arts

95 Brewery Lane, Portsmouth, NH



JourneyDance is a joyful, life affirming, conscious dance practice that leaves us connected, grounded and energized.  Any body can participate, there is no judgement, no steps to learn, or rules to follow.


Please wear comfortable, layered clothing and bring a blanket or yoga mat and a water bottle.


Learn more at journeydance.com, or contact Madeline with any questions – madelinedances4joy@gmail.com

Madeline Gielow is an artist and expressive arts therapist who has always believed in the healing power of the arts. Primarily a visual artist, Madeline began to explore conscious dance practices a number of years ago, and found that only through dance could she truly get out of her mind, into her body, and feel energized, clear, and joyful. Over a number of years Madeline danced and explored several different conscious dance practices, and found dance seeping in to the work she was doing with others, people with and without disabilities, of all ages, shapes and sizes. Motivated by the need to have more dance in her own life, and passionately believing that others also needed and would greatly benefit from this practice, Madeline decided to train as a JourneyDance Guide and is thrilled to be able to share with others this life affirming, transformative, and fun dance practice.

Why Journey Dance
After dancing and experimenting with a number of different conscious dance practices I found that I felt most at home with JourneyDance.  The flow of the dance makes an innate sense to me, and I love the mix of music typically found within each JourneyDance class. Most essentially, though, it was JourneyDance’s ability to move me to joy, regardless of where I was when I walked in to the room. I believe this is nothing short of magic, the way that this inspiring, playful and exhilarating movement experience re-ignites our inner joy. I knew I needed more of this in my life, and wanted to bring others to this state of joyous well-being through high energy dance as spiritual practice.