Portsmouth Center for Yoga and the Arts GENTLE YOGA


Monday        GENTLE YOGA FOR EVERY BODY - $8 per class    First class free

                      DEEP PEACE $10

                     RESTORATIVE YOGA    $20 pay ahead   $25 at class

Tuesday       CHAKRA YOGA  $10 per class or 6 for $54   First class $5

Wednesday  BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION  $9   3 for $25

Thursday     HEALTHY BONES MORNING CLASS   $10   3 for $25

                      JOURNEY DANCE  $15

Friday          SACRED CIRCLE DANCE $5

Saturday      CHAKRA YOGA - $12 per class or $6 for $60   First Class $6




Class Schedule
Class Descriptions
Gentle Yoga for Every Body Drop in Class
Our bodies change. It may be due to an injury,  illness or maybe just because we have had so many birthdays! This class will explore gentle yoga postures, resistance and weight bearing exercises, balance, deep breathing techniques and deep relaxation.
We start the class in a chair with a breath meditation. (The chairs are available for the rest of the class if needed.) We will also explore using other props as needed to tailor to everyone's needs and enhance our experience. Yoga teaches us to be present in our ownbodies. This class will help you get in touch with your body's wisdom and what it needs.
$8:00 per class, 10th class is free!
First class is free!
Chakra Yoga Drop Ins Welcome

The chakras are the 7 main energy, nerve and gland centers of the body. We will focus on each chakra as we create a powerful experience to enhance our yoga practice and approach to life. The class will explore primary yoga postures, pranayama and relaxation. Designed for the beginner or continuing student.
One hour class $10
Discount card available $54 for 6 classes.
Seniors and students $8
TUESDAYS 6:00-7:00 p.m. See calendar for class dates. Sixty minute class drop in fee- $10 - discount card available for 6 classes - $54
Seniors and students $8

Saturdays 8:15-9:35a.m. See calendar for class dates. Seventy five minute class - drop in fee $12
Discount card available for 6 classes - $60
Seniors, students, military $10

Restorative Yoga Monthly - Please register

Gentle stretching, supported postures, guided imagery, meditation and relaxation.

Monthly workshops Please register as space is limited
$20- Mail your check prior to the class
$25 if paying the night of the class
Make checks out to Portsmouth Center for Yoga and the Arts
95 Brewery Lane
Portsmouth, NH 03801

See calendar for class dates

Sacred Circle Dancing

Join Amy Antonucci the 4th Friday of each month as she leads you through dances from all over the world. No experience is necessary, as she will teach you all the steps.
$5 per class
Call Amy for more info 603-664-2796

Deep Peace- Yoga Nidra Drop In Class

Deep Peace - A Yoga Nidra Experience

In this deeply relaxing 60 minute experience you will be guided through the ancient yogic practice of Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep. This relaxation technique induces full body relaxation and a deep meditative state of conciousness. It pacifies the body and quiets the mind by discharging muscular, nervous, mental and emotional tensions.

Participants will need to be able to lie down (or sit if you wish) for 45 minutes. Blankets , mats, cushions and eye bags will be provided.

The last 10 minutes of class will be used to reorient to the world around us and have a cup of tea.


Exploring Yoga Nidra: In this workshop we will start with a powerpoint presentation on this practice, including the stages and benefits, followed by an experience of this relaxing meditation technique."

Healthy Bones please register

Please register for this class

This class can be beneficial  to you if you have been diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis or if you are at risk.

A typical class will include:
  • Warm-ups  
  • Exercises to increase joint mobility
  • Exercises using Resistance Bands, Resistance Balls 
  • Ways to improve  balance
  • Stretches to improve strength
  • Relaxation techniques
The class will be a 3 week session and will be held the first three weeks of each month.  You may come to individual classes also.  We ask that you register on line so we know how many are coming as the class requires some set up.
11:30-12:30 pm

$10 per class and if you come to all three classes in the monthly  session  the third class is only $5. 

Building a Strong Foundation please register

Building a Strong Foundation

Yoga for Strength and Balance

In this class we will explore postures to build strength in the feet, ankles and legs.
We will use different techniques to improve our balance including yoga postures and other exercises. Special emphasis will be on the feet.

This class is designed for any age, however, special emphasis will be on the aging body from baby boomers to older adults.

We will have class the first three weeks of each month. $9 per class or all three for $25
Please reserve your space

Student comment about this class:

"Hold onto your hats-and legs and feet!  Her focused and challenging exercises hone balance skills that we all need for independence and safety.   Jeanne Russell's balance class is the perfect answer to our problems with balance.  Routines are geared to each person's skill level, and the atmosphere is non-judgmental and friendly. Jeanne uses original and playful activities incorporating music and movement, so we always have fun while working hard." Elyse Demers, longtime student

 Why Does Balance Get Worse as You Age?
Have you noticed that your balance seems to be deteriorating as the years go by? Many would say this is just a natural part of getting older, but there's a lot more to it than that.

Use It or Lose It

You've probably heard of the "use it or lose it" principle in regards to health and fitness. It basically states that if you don't get enough physical activity, your heart, bones, and muscles will get weaker.

This principle also applies to balance. If you don't regularly put your body in situations where it needs balance, your sense of balance will get worse. You are telling your brain and body, "Balance is not important to me."

Your body will adapt to your lifestyle. The brain does not see any reason to keep your sense of balance in good shape if it's not being used very much.
Balance and Aging

After a certain age, many people start to move less and less. This usually happens after retirement. Take a minute and think about how much activity you get on a typical day compared to twenty years ago.

Generally, as we get older, activities that involve a lot of movement (like sports, yard work, and playing with kids) are slowly replaced with activities that involve a lot of sitting (like reading, watching TV, playing cards, and going out to eat).

Here's the problem--movement requires balance, sitting does not.

The activities you were doing when you were younger were not only keeping your heart, bones, and muscles strong-they were also keeping your balance in good shape.

Over the years, as time spent moving decreased and time spent sitting increased, your sense of balance got less "exercise," which allowed it to deteriorate. It's a very gradual and slow process, but over a decade or two, it can really add up.

The good news is that the "use it or lose it" principle is a two-way street. Everyone knows that you can train your heart and muscles to make them stronger. You can also train your balance.

The key is to train your balance in a way that challenges you and stimulates improvement but also is done in a safe way.

2nd Thursday of each month

6 – 7:15pm 

Portsmouth Center for Yoga and the Arts

95 Brewery Lane, Portsmouth, NH



JourneyDance is a joyful, life affirming, conscious dance practice that leaves us connected, grounded and energized.  Any body can participate, there is no judgement, no steps to learn, or rules to follow.


Please wear comfortable, layered clothing and bring a blanket or yoga mat and a water bottle.


Learn more at journeydance.com, or contact Madeline with any questions – madelinedances4joy@gmail.com

Madeline Gielow is an artist and expressive arts therapist who has always believed in the healing power of the arts. Primarily a visual artist, Madeline began to explore conscious dance practices a number of years ago, and found that only through dance could she truly get out of her mind, into her body, and feel energized, clear, and joyful. Over a number of years Madeline danced and explored several different conscious dance practices, and found dance seeping in to the work she was doing with others, people with and without disabilities, of all ages, shapes and sizes. Motivated by the need to have more dance in her own life, and passionately believing that others also needed and would greatly benefit from this practice, Madeline decided to train as a JourneyDance Guide and is thrilled to be able to share with others this life affirming, transformative, and fun dance practice.

Why Journey Dance
After dancing and experimenting with a number of different conscious dance practices I found that I felt most at home with JourneyDance.  The flow of the dance makes an innate sense to me, and I love the mix of music typically found within each JourneyDance class. Most essentially, though, it was JourneyDance’s ability to move me to joy, regardless of where I was when I walked in to the room. I believe this is nothing short of magic, the way that this inspiring, playful and exhilarating movement experience re-ignites our inner joy. I knew I needed more of this in my life, and wanted to bring others to this state of joyous well-being through high energy dance as spiritual practice.