Portsmouth Center for Yoga and the Arts GENTLE YOGA

Sometimes we move through our lives on auto pilot, we feel like the victims of poor circumstance and bad luck, and we feel powerless to make significant changes.
And yet, each and every month, we can harness the power of the New Moon to create intentions for change and growth in our lives. During this time each month, the universe is supporting us to put this changes and goals in motion and create the life we dream of living. 
Join me for this unique workshop when we will deepen our understanding of our own personal goals through discussion, journaling, meditation, the creation of mantras and a sprinkling of magic. You will have the opportunity to dissect your goals and determine why they are important to you and maybe throw out some goals that are laced with fear, shame, and guilt! Let 2019 be the year you recognize your most authentic dreams and bring them to life!